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Charter Flights South Florida | Private Air Charter and Private Jet Services for Travelers

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Aerial Jets

May 31, 2022

Charter Flights South Florida | Private Air Charter and Private Jet Services for Travelers

Charter Flights South Florida | Private Air Charter and Private Jet Services for Travelers

When planning your trip from South Florida, you have two choices: book a commercial flight and force yourself to plan your itinerary around the airline’s established routing and departure hours, or opt for a private jet charter to avoid the crowds and delays.

You can experience the convenience and sheer pleasure of traveling at your own leisure. Aerial Jets is one of the most reputable private jet charters in South Florida and has a team of professionals ready to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are traveling from Opa-Locka executive airport or Fort Lauderdale, FL, we will make sure that you reach your destination!

Why Would You Need Private Aviation?

The truth is that traveling on a commercial flight isn’t always an option. If you need to get to your destination urgently and there isn’t another flight for a few hours, you can book a private flight with an indirect air carrier.

Private flights also let you plan your schedule or make the most of your vacation when traveling to and from South Florida. You also won’t have to wait in long security lines or follow the stringent baggage restrictions imposed by commercial air carriers.

All you need to do is book your private jet charter online and let us take care of the rest!

The Private Jets at Your Disposal

When you book a private flight with Aerial Jets, you can choose your preferred aircraft. At Aerial Jets, we have access to over 6,000 aircraft to help you reach your destination on time. Our fleet consists of the following:

  • Turboprop jets
  • Light jets
  • Midsize jets
  • Super midsize jets
  • Long-range jets
  • VIP airlines

To find out more about these aircraft or learn more about aircraft charter with Aerial Jets, get in touch with us. Whether you’re at Fort Lauderdale executive airport or in the Miami area, we can offer you a pleasurable and efficient flying experience!

What Type of Aircraft Should You Use for Your Florida Jet Charters?

The aircraft you charter should be customized to the distance you’ll be traveling, the number of people traveling in the plane, and how much luggage you’ll be transporting. You will also need to consider your personal preferences and budget when making your choice.

Contact us today to learn more about our aircraft, baggage limitations, and more!

Exceptional Culinary Experience for Jet Charter

We have partnered with culinary specialists at Aerial Jets to offer our private flyers a taste of true indulgence when traveling to their destinations. We understand how frustrating it is to have to spend hours in your seat, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you are well cared for during your stay on one of our world-class aircraft.

How to Book a Private Jet Charter in South Florida

If you’ve never booked a flight on a private jet before, you might be apprehensive. Fortunately, we’ve made it very easy for just about anyone to book a private air charter. Follow these steps to secure your flight on an aircraft of your choice:

Head over to our website and click on “Book Now.”

Select “Round Trip” or “One Way,” depending on your requirements.

Enter your details and click “Submit.”

We will be in touch to finalize the details of your flight!

It’s as easy as that!

Keep in mind that you’ll need your passport and other supporting documents when booking your flight. When you book a private charter, you’re not just booking a seat, but you’re renting the entire seating area, so you can bring other passengers along with you.

We offer our services from any airport in South Florida, so if you aren’t limited to one airport, you can find competitive rates on private trips by comparing rates.

Why Choose Aerial Jets for Your Air Charter?

If you’re wondering why you should choose us when flying from South Florida, here are the benefits you can expect when flying with us:

Aerial Jets is DOT and FAA certified

Our team is dedicated to providing our passengers with exceptional service and delicious food to keep them happy throughout the duration of their trip

We work with reputable partners to ensure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible

Aerial Jets ensures that operational control is maintained at all times by employing qualified and experienced staff

Book Your Charter Flight Today!

The truth is that there’s no better way to travel than by charter flights. South Florida airports are often bustling with activity, so you must be prepared to deal with the crowds if you choose to fly on a commercial aircraft.

However, a private jet charter can help you avoid crowds and get to your destination a lot faster.

Are you ready to charter a flight from South Florida? We are here to help! Book your flight on a private jet today by completing the online form or giving us a call!

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