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How To Fly Private: 10 Tips For Beginner Private Jet Passengers

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March 21, 2022

How To Fly Private: 10 Tips For Beginner Private Jet Passengers

Private aviation comes with a lot of attractive features and advantages. Multiple meal options, little to no luggage restrictions, and flexibility give private jets an insurmountable edge over commercial flights.

For first-timers, this already lavishing experience can be further enhanced if they understand what to expect onboard. And the following tips are compiled to shed light on the same subject:

Top Tip For Beginner Private Jet Passengers: Know The Answer To These 10 Questions

1. How To Choose The Aircraft?

The first step of your aviation journey begins with the right selection of aircraft. There are multiple ways to fly privately. The most convenient of them is to charter a private plane.
Do consider the following things when chartering a private jet:

  • Pick a destination and let your aviation company suggest to you the aircraft model best suited for that journey.
  • Check out the company’s cancelation policy in case the trip doesn’t go as planned.
  • Be clear about the facilities you would like onboard because the jets differ in their specifications.

2. What To Expect In The FBO?

FBO—Fixed Based Operator—is a terminal or building specifically dedicated to private aviation. It may be associated with an airport or have a separate existence. Your aviation company will inform you of the FBO your flight will be departing from.

FBO is one of the perks of flying privately as it eliminates crowds, long queues, and security lines.

3. When To Arrive For Boarding?

Unlike commercial flights, you can afford to come 15-30 minutes before the flight takes off. This is because you’ll be the only passenger boarding the plane, so the whole reviewing process takes place at an incredible speed.

4. What Are The Luggage Restrictions?

Unlike commercial flights, private jets don’t have strict luggage restrictions. You can come up with pretty much anything onboard. But if you’ve some special requirements, make sure to check in with the provider. So, they can arrange a jet with enough cargo space to suit your needs.

5. Where To Sit?

There’s no strict seating arrangement to be followed on a private jet. That’s one of the perks of having the whole plane to yourself. You can sit pretty much anywhere you like, except at the pilot’s seat.

It’s not just limited to sitting. Depending on your aircraft model, it may come with a comfortable set of furniture, including bed, chairs, sofa, etc. And the staff will do everything to guarantee you a luxurious experience in the air.

6. Will The Flight include Onboard Dining?

Food and beverages are included in the ticket. You’re already paying a hefty amount for the ticket, so the eatables are complimentary. Your aircraft may even have a bar to accommodate all your drinking needs. Plus, you’ll get multiple meal options to choose from.

7. Can You Interact With The Crew?

Interaction with the crew is permissible, even encouraged in some cases. If you’re traveling solo, you can still enjoy the company of the staff, learning about their job experiences.

Interaction isn’t just limited to flight attendants; you can talk to the pilot(s) once the aircraft attains cruising heights.

8. What Are The Transport Arrangements After Landing?

Usually, transport vehicles are already arranged by the company to drive you off to your destination. Such vehicles are parked beside your airplane, ready to drive you away as soon the plane touches the ground.

You can even ask the onboard staff to order a car on your behalf.

9. Is There Any Formal Dress Code?

There are no dress codes when boarding a chartered plane. You can show up in any attire you feel comfortable in. Just dress up according to the occasion, and you’re good to go.

10. What Are The Must-Have Documents To Bring Onboard?

A driving license or a passport is the main requirement when arranging a chartered flight. You’ll be added to the passenger manifest, and your credentials will be reviewed when you arrive at the FBO. To avoid any inconvenience, you’re also required to bring your ID.

You’re All Set To Fly

If you’ve read all the way to the end, chances are your expectations are fairly managed regarding your first private jet experience.

Now, it’s time to offer you something beyond your expectations. And that’s Aerial Jets, an elite name in the private aviation business.

Aerial Jets offers a safe and secure air travel experience and that too at competitive prices. On the flight, you’ll be greeted and accommodated by professional crew members that’ll take care of all your flight needs.

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