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10 Private Jet Charter Myths Exposed

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April 13, 2021

10 Private Jet Charter Myths Exposed

When most people think of private charter jets, they think of wealth and luxury. It is thought to be a means of transportation for the very rich, who prefer not to mingle with the common folk. It appears that people generally have a lot of misconceptions surrounding private jets. Here is a list of the 10 biggest myths regarding private jets that simply aren’t true:

1. Private jet charters are expensive

Private jets are instantly linked to wealth. The truth is that it does not cost an arm and a leg to enjoy a private jet flight as you can find many services at an affordable rate. Most people who travel on a private plane do not own the plane; they are simply renting it. You too can rent a jet for those special occasions.

2. Private jets are more prone to accidents

This belief stems from the fact that private jets are much smaller than commercial planes and thus more likely to crash. Pilots are fully trained to handle any emergencies and assess whether a smaller plane should be flown in certain conditions or not. They take the safety and maintenance of the aircraft very serious.

3. Private flights are less safe

Sure, you pass through the TSA security for a commercial flight, but you are also surrounded by strangers. Additionally, private planes are much better maintained and are in good shape to fly.

4. Getting a charter plane is a difficult process

Since there is an elitist association with flying a private plane, many people think it is a difficult process to book a flight on one. Private jet companies have made it just as easy a process as booking a commercial flight. In fact, in cases where you wish to customize your commercial flight, getting on a private jet is a much easier process.

5. Selecting a flight is best left to experts

Private planes have custom itinerary options, but no need to get intimidated by the thought. Brokers and Operators help out and map out your voyage so you can leave everything to the experts while giving in your input.

6. Limited destination options are available

Commercial flights enable people to travel anywhere around the world. The choice of destinations is even greater for private jets. This is because private jets are smaller and have access to smaller airports that commercial planes cannot use.

7. There is a higher chance of having your flight cancelled

Private jet operators indeed need to consider the weather, and sometimes commercial planes can fly in conditions that are impossible for private jets to fly in. But private jets have a much more flexible schedule, and the operators can easily reschedule a new flight.

8. Private jets are slow

Commercial airplanes are huge with powerful engines, so this must be faster. That is again far from the truth. Commercial planes need to have huge engines since they have to handle many times the weight of a private jet. Private jets are sleek and can get you to your destination even faster since you save all the hassle of boarding and checking in.

9. Better to own a private jet

Many people think it is much more cost-effective to simply own a private plane. Private jets cost a ton, and there is no way a normal person travels so frequently that they can recoup their investment. Additionally, once you own a private jet, you are responsible for all the maintenance costs and the cost of hiring the staff to maintain the jet. OnDemand private jet charter is a much more affordable way to fly private and much less of a hassle than owning a jet.

10. It is only for a specific group of people

That is the elite businessmen, celebrities, politicians, and the like. Companies that rent out private jets are not looking at your socio-economic standing. Anyone can rent a plane.

So, if you are planning a ‘girls-only getaway’ or flying with your family to a destination wedding, you may want to consider renting a private jet instead of going the commercial route.

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