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Private Jet Chartering New Jersey

Private Jet Chartering New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the country’s secret jewels, with a variety of attractions and events. From white-sand beaches to exciting trips and art museums/exhibits to the Garden State’s nature-rich outdoor events, there are plenty of exciting things to do in New Jersey. With tons of wild rides and attractions, a drive-through wild safari, a variety of sports, and the best restaurants you can imagine, there’s plenty for everyone. Enjoy live music on the lovely courtyard accompanied by a bonfire! The Jersey Shore Pirates are popular with visitors from all over the world. They give your children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail the seas on a pirate ship. With about 600 diners in every corner of the state, New Jersey is known as the world’s diner city. Batsto Village, like Paterson’s Great Falls, is one of those hidden gems in New Jersey that everybody hears about but few get to see. The Batsto Mansion, gristmill, sawmill, general store, workers’ quarters, and post office are among the 33 historic buildings and structures on the property.

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