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Private Jets Versus Commercial Airlines: The Convenience of Flying Private

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August 17, 2022

Private Jets Versus Commercial Airlines: The Convenience of Flying Private

Private Jets Versus Commercial Airlines: The Convenience of Flying Private

There are several reasons to fly privately instead of using commercial airlines. With enough money to choose between these forms of air travel, it is best to weigh your options well.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or just for pleasure; charter flights help you optimize your time and efficiency.

Instead of spending hours in line at an airport and moving between runways, private jets help you use that time better.

First class or business class in commercial flights have their own luxury. However, compared to private jets, a commercial flight doesn’t offer as much as a private jet.

It is understandable when people think that you have to be wealthy or a celebrity to be able to use private flights. However, the industry has grown to make private flights more available to the average person.

Below are some reasons why a private jet charter is more convenient than commercial flights.

Private Jets Help You Travel on Your Time

Commercial flights can be terrible. You sometimes have to spend time at a crowded airport, pass through several security checkpoints, endure flight delays, and experience long hours of layovers.

Using a commercial airline wastes time but is more affordable. Private air travel helps you avoid all this hassle. You can be on your flight within minutes after getting to the airport instead of wasting at least two hours using commercial airlines.

Traveling in a Private Jet Is Stress-Free

Private jet travel means you only have to worry about flying from one point to another.

You don’t have to bear noise from other passengers or share a smelly bathroom with others. This is the situation even when you fly first or business class on a commercial aircraft.

Think of a private jet as traveling in your apartment.

Flying Private Improves Work Efficiency

Flying private is usually for business. This is why private aviation is also known as business aviation.

Most private jets have quiet cabins that allow you to hold efficient business meetings while you travel.

A Private Plane Offers Privacy

Charter a private jet when you value some alone time when traveling. You are not forced to converse with the person sitting next to you like on a commercial flight. It is just you and the crew on board. They don’t disturb you unless you need them for anything.

More Comfort and Luxury than Commercial Airliners

A private jet service offers luxury and comfort on another level. The seats are not small and limiting. You can also walk in the cabin and recline your chair to rest when tired.

Some private jets have beds that allow you to get to your destination well rested.

A private charter is undoubtedly the best option for your business trips.

Convenience and Flexibility When Flying Privately

Last-minute reservations for commercial airlines are expensive. This makes them less convenient for unexpected trips.

A private jet charter charges the same price regardless of the departure time.

Private flights are on-demand, allowing you to plan them according to your schedule.

Private Flyers Have Access to More Airports

Not all airports are open to commercial planes. Using a private jet charter gives you access to these smaller airports that may be closer to your destination than the larger airports.

People traveling on private jets avoid busy crowds at large terminals. Instead, you use private lounges known as Fixed Base Operators(FBOs).

Pets Are Not Restricted on a Private Aircraft

Flying commercial with your pet is not allowed. Using a private jet is like your own aircraft, so your pets can be with you.

If you want to have your dog or cat on the plane, you should consider private travel.

Better Culinary Delights on a Private Flight

Food on commercial planes can be terrible. It is also hard getting special meals if you have a restricted diet.

When you fly private, you can pre-order your meals and have your favorite drinks with you on the aircraft.

Fewer Baggage Restrictions at Private Jet Terminals

Commercial aviation limits the weight and type of baggage you can carry on a flight. These are all done in consideration of the people you travel with.

Private charters allow you to carry more stuff on the plane. Some drinks that are prohibited on a commercial aircraft are allowed since you don’t pose a risk to others.

Book a Private Jet with Aerial Jets

Flying private doesn’t require having your own plane. Private jet charters can help you rent an aircraft even if you don’t own one.

Aerial Jet is one of the best private jet charter services available.

We offer competitive pricing and ensure client safety by using private jets that are Wyvern or ARG/US rated. These comply with standards such as the FAA Part 135 and EU OPS.

Aerial Jet’s private charter service extends beyond flying. If you need ground transportation or hotel arrangements, we can handle those too.

Call us at (305) 676-4848 or send a message to for inquiries. We are always ready to help you out.

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