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The Simple Guide to Miami Private Jet Charter

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The Simple Guide to Miami Private Jet Charter

The Simple Guide to Miami Private Jet Charter

White sand beaches, jumping nightlife, major business hubs, and so much more: Miami, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the USA- and the world. It is a famous location worldwide, and the Magic City certainly lives up to its name.

Experiencing the luxurious lifestyle associated with the city is high on the to-do list for a lot of people. The country’s rich and famous frequent Miami Beach and the surrounding areas- making it the place to be.

What is the best way to fly into this incredible part of the country with class, style, and convenience? The answer is Miami private jet charter.

What Are the Benefits of Private Jet Charter Flights in Miami, FL?

  • Save time by skipping queues and choosing the perfect slot for your journey.
  • Experience a service that blows first class and business class out of the water.
  • Impress clients and get business done the right way.
  • Start your Miami experience off on a high.
  • Travel in comfort and style because you deserve to.
  • Depending on your route and group size, a private jet charter can be more cost-effective than commercial first class.
  • Take your pets without worrying (check with the airline first).

Private Jets and Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is the main hub for central Miami, Downtown, and South Beach. Flying via private charter into this airport is a new experience, and it is well accustomed to receiving VIPs. That is the level of treatment you can expect.

Charter Flights from Other Miami Airports

Miami has dozens of airports serving all areas. Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport (Miami Executive Airport) and Opa Locka Executive Airport are the two other top choices for chartered private airport arrivals in the city.

If your trip takes you to nearby areas such as West Palm Beach, Florida Keys, or Boca Raton- you can arrange point-to-point journeys into regional airports with more premium providers.

Aircraft Options for Miami Private Charter Jets

Light Jet

Looking for something fast, efficient, and convenient that gets you to Miami quickly and lets you skip all the hassle of commercial airlines? A light jet is ideal. Depending on the company and style of aircraft, they hold between four and eight passengers and have a range of between 1400 and 1900.

These jets are perfect for connecting the major cities along the West Coast. They are also the most eco-friendly option.

Mid-Size Jet

Mid-size jets generally carry up to nine passengers. A midsize jet is the best choice for a business trip to Miami. They are comfortable, well-serviced, and multi-functional- often with the possibility of an in-flight meeting setup.

Many domestic trips along the same coast are operated through these mid-sized jets.

Heavy Jets

Larger jets are best for groups of up to 16 passengers that want to travel in comfort. One of the biggest drawbacks of commercial flights is feeling cramped- something you certainly don’t want on a private luxury journey.

It is best to choose heavy, large jets if you have a longer journey. They have a better range and often offer more services- including personal flight attendants, all-inclusive snacks and drinks, and VIP comfort.

How Much do Miami Private Jet Charters Cost?

The cost to charter a private jet in Miami varies. Factors include the type of aircraft, the distance of the journey, and additional services required. Prices also vary from company to company- especially when you consider membership discounts and monthly fees.

When arranging private flights, it is best to get a quote directly from the leading providers and weigh up the options. You can learn more about the type of flight experience each one offers, the flexibility of the journeys you can arrange, and the value for money offered overall.

Why Choose Aerial Jets for Private Jet Charter?

Aerial Jets is one of the best private jet charter services you can use in the Miami area. Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose us for your private jet rental:

Exclusive Catering

Aerial Jets is known for having access to top-of-the-line culinary caterers in Miami who will guarantee a delicious experience above the clouds. We take into consideration dietary restrictions, preferences, and more.

Private Transportation

We prioritize giving our clients the utmost luxurious experience in and out of flight. We have access to luxury ground transportation providers all over Miami & worldwide.

24/7 Customer Service

We strive to provide each and every client with the highest standard in safety, elegance, and service. 

Based in the Miami area, our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day to make sure that we deliver the best pricing on the market and an effortless travel experience.

Upgrade Your Miami Experience with a Luxury Private Jet Charter Service

Miami is all about luxurious living and VIP touches, and that should start with your air travel. Enjoy one of the world’s most popular destinations before you even touch down with the best aircraft experience there is.

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