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What Are Private Jets’ Safety Standards? Full Guide

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January 27, 2023

What Are Private Jets’ Safety Standards? Full Guide

What Are Private Jets’ Safety Standards? Full Guide

Flying on a private jet is a wonder for anyone who has the money and resources to do it. One of the most common concerns from clients is that they believe that private aircraft operators (or private charter companies) don’t adhere to safety standards as commercial aircraft companies do.

While a private jet charter business could have particular guidelines to ensure private jet safety, all aircraft must adhere to certain safety standards to ensure you’re as safe as possible throughout your travels.

The following page will cover common private jet safety guidelines and how charter operators ensure your well-being.

What Are the Different Types of Private Jet Safety Ranks or Ratings?

In a general sense, the safety culture surrounding private aircraft revolves around awareness and excellence. Aside from having a proper safety management system, private aviation companies must comply with guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Overall, the FAA regulates the manufacturing, operating, and maintenance of any private plane or chartered aircraft.

However, businesses can enhance their safety commitment by getting extra safety symbols from third-party auditors. While there are many auditing institutions out there to ensure charter safety, the most popular ones are IS-BAO, WYVERN, and ARGUS.

If you fly with aircraft operators or a charter service that has one or more of these symbols, you can rest assured that it has stringent safety standards to ensure you have the best flying experience possible.

Let’s go over each of these symbols that many charter operators can get.

International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations – International Business Aviation Council

Also called IS-BAO, this institution has three different stages for auditing. Any charter company can opt for one of the three.

Stage 3, which is the highest level a company can opt for, shows that all the safety management systems from the business are perfectly ingrained in its culture and will be followed and maintained for years to come.

Aviation Research Group – United States (ARGUS)

Overall, ARGUS can provide data on aircraft ranging from maintenance and inspection records to training for flight attendants and medical records. Any company that meets ARGUS standards will receive a “Gold” rating.

ARGUS brokers can conduct a TripCHEQ test before a flight, which is to ensure that the aircraft and crew comply with the institution’s safety standards. Moreover, the test checks for trip compliance, as not all charter operators have FAA approval to fly to every location.

Now, companies that already have a gold rating and pass an on-site safety audit can get a Gold Plus rating. Finally, if the company has a reasonable Emergency Response Plan and Safety Management System, ARGUS will award it a “Platinum” symbol, which is the highest one.


Private jets registered with WYVERN must provide it with updated records surrounding operations, flying crews, and aircraft. One of the reasons why companies go for WYVERN is that getting its approval doesn’t cost as much as getting an ARGUS rating.

However, some people see WYVERN as an entry-level safety rating, which isn’t bad anyway. As ARGUS does, WYVERN operators can conduct a test (or Pass Report) to ensure that everything surrounding the trip is compliant with its standards.

The highest safety rating that companies can get with WYVERN is called “WYVERN Wingman,” although those who are already registered with this auditor can get a “WYVERN Pass Ready,” symbol which isn’t as important as the Wingman one but still guarantees that the company will receive a “Pass” on most of its records.

About Private Jet Safety Ratings

Regardless of the safety ratings that charter brokers go for, they must pay for the auditing process, which is why not all of them have all the symbols mentioned above. However, the higher the rating the charter broker has, the more likely the person will be to use its transport services.

What About the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

This is the major trade association, which represents the aviation community in the U.S., at least in the business sense.

Overall, this institution publishes the best practices an air charter company can implement. It also has many resources for business aviation consumers, which include guidance on operational safety, chartering aircraft, and more.

It’s vital to note that almost all business aviation businesses are part of the NBAA, so they will have its logo displayed on their website. The fact that these businesses have the NBAA logo on their website doesn’t ensure that they follow or adopt the organization’s practices.

Bottom Line – Is Getting a Private Jet Charter Safe?

In a general sense, yes; private jets are safe. If you’re eager to fly privately, you can check the company’s website for more information. These businesses typically have their safety ratings on display so that travelers can see they’re serious about the safety of their clients.

Many factors can influence the safety of a private jet, such as:

  • Air traffic control
  • Age and type of plane
  • The crew’s experience
  • Weather conditions
  • Company policies/procedures
  • The experience of maintenance technicians
  • and more

Aerial Jets is qualified and has all mentioned safety ratings to ensure a safer and more exciting flying experience.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about the safety standards for private aircraft!

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